Choose from a great collection of women’s water polo suits which were specially designed with comfort and performance in mind. The Delfina swimsuit is designed and made to last and offer high quality at affordable prices. The wide straps and high neck provide total freedom of movement, adapting perfectly to the body and, for our curvy ladies, keeping together all the bits that we don’t want escaping, in a perfect hold.
It is made with the best eco fabric on the market, by using the world’s leading athletic performance durable fabric, Carvico Xlance Eco and it is fully lined ensuring the suit maintains its original shape over time. It is resistant to chlorine and to UV rays, so the colour intensity is maintained with repeated use over time. It features reinforced seams and a strong zipper on the back, and the perfect cut ensures brilliant coverage and a tight fit.
It is a perfect swimsuit not only for Water Polo as a training or competition swimsuit, but also ideal for plus sizes bathing suits for larger women, as the wide strap exerts less pressure on the shoulders and avoids chaffing. Thanks to its great adaptability to the body, it does not drag water when swimming but it’s elastic enough for comfort and extended use. Because of the high body coverage, we recommend buying one size up, but make sure you look at the measurement chart attached.
The water polo togs are a flattering plus size swimwear and the custom bright prints bring fun to your outdoor swimming sessions. For our sea swimmers, with jellyfish season starting, these water polo bathers cover your chest and backs, so therefore give you more protection against jellyfish stings on the more sensitive body area like the chest.
Shop for swim products specially aimed at adult swimmers, up to plus swimsuit size 46. Please see equivalent sizes for different countries. See below also the Physical Measurements Chart. Each style was measured unstretched: full length; across the chest (under arm); across the hips (just above the leg gap).  Let us know if you need any other measurements.