You are welcome to our sport swimwear UK online shop, where you can buy or order high quality colourful sport swimwear. Customers can purchase Delfina bespoke limited edition print swimsuits made from chlorine resistant fabrics, with the new sizes 36 - 44 made out of a performant durable fabric, Carvico Xlance Eco which will sustain a heavy swimming regime and it is a recycled Eco-friendly Fabric (all new arrivals except kneesuits). As mentioned above, we use the Xlance Eco fabric for all the 2021 custom printed stock (except Kneesuits which are 80% Polyester 20% Elastane).The fabric has a great stretch, so please make sure the suit is not too baggy to start off with. It needs to be nice and tight on your body, to achieve the ideal shape in the water. Some customers, wearing a size 18 / 20 in clothing, buy size 44 (far too big in our opinion!) and others wearing size 26 in UK clothing size wear the same size 44! The Xback SF81 has multi panels which help a lot with the extra stretch, so please consider this when ordering the style.  If the suit feels too comfortable on your body (like a vest), then the water will loosen it and it will become saggy, so when you choose the size, you will need to feel a good tension around your body, not too tight but not to loose either to give you the best support in the water. Please check our Fabrics Information and Swimsuits Care page!

Delfina curvy swimwear & plus size swimming cstumes can be bought from stock or ordered in many chlorine resistant training suits back versions to suit different body shapes: Bladeback (Thick straps), SF81 (thick straps); Openback (thin straps, low at the back); Lightback (thin straps, higher at the back); Skinny  Openback (thin straps, narrow body shape). You can also order the water polo swim suits with a zipperback. All the suits come fully lined, so ideal for open water swimming, winter swimming and the extreme sport, ice swimming.​ The limited-edition sublimated prints on the Delfina bespoke swimwear make them a truly unique looking, chlorine resistant training costumes. Delfina has a focus on comfort and performance carefully balancing all of this to create a suit that offers an enhanced support and comfort. 

Shop for swim products specially aimed at adult swimmers including plus size swimmers - swimwear available from size 30 to size 46. Please see equivalent sizes for different countries. We currently stock different types of swimwear, but only three types are in stock in larger sizes (bigger than 40) and would suit curvy shapes for best support: Bladeback, XBack SF81 & SF82 and Waterpolo swimsuits.
See below also the Physical Measurements Chart. Each style was measured unstretched: full length; across the chest (under arm); across the hips (just above the leg gap).  Let us know if you need any other measurements.

Buy our separate Bikini Tops and Bottoms. We have a few stock pieces, but any print can be pre ordered. We offer three top shapes (two illustrated in stock) and one bottom brief, but customers are ordering also the Aquashort. See photos below.

Shop below for swim products specially aimed at adult swimmers, and include swimwear from size 30 to size 46.
Thick Straps Swimsuits   
Thin Straps Swimsuits  
Water Polo
Bikini Tops and Bottoms

Comparison below between BLADEBACK, XBACK SF81, XBACK SF82 & XBACK SF8

Comparison below between OPENBACK, TIEBACK, STRAPBACK, LIGHTBACK & DIVERBACK (from left)